Rise and Storyline Images not loading

Nov 30, 2020

Hi There

I recently received a new company laptop.  Storyline & Rise images are not loading.

IT has checked the firewall, I have checked the internet connection both at work and at home - still the same issue - I have attached a screen shot.

I have never experienced this issue before with my previous laptop and have been using Articulate 360 for over a year both at home and work on my old device/ same networks..

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Yasin!

It sounds like we'll need IT to check one more thing! 

I would recommend asking your network admin to add the websites listed here to the allowlist to access all of the features in Articulate 360. However, for fonts, graphics, and icon assets, the article lists these websites specifically: 

  • .googleapis.com

  • .gstatic.com

  • .typekit.net

  • .typography.com

If you're still hitting this snag, please connect with a Support Engineer so we can offer more specific help!