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May 06, 2012

Hi Guys,

Looking for some assistance with this project. 


Usually with compliance-based corporate inductions programs everyone gets the same dose of content – one size fits all.  However, when you think about it your pathway through the content should depend on your role within the organisation.   For example: assume you were the CFO of the organisation. 


Ie:  CFO might need to review the organisation accrual accounting codes.  CFO does not need to how about the SOP (safe operating procedure) to sharpen a chain saw…and the ground person does not need to know about accrual accounting codes but maybe required to do maintenance on chain saws.


As you logon to the induction program you select your role within the organisation your content would include all the normal common to-all-content required by HR from a compliance perspective, however because your pathway through the content is been preselected by the role description, the CFO gets content the grounds person does not.  I know we can inherent roles in LMS – but can we do it as a stand alone SL project. 


QUESTION:  So can we set a variable at the front of the process that captures the role you selected and can that variable swap video/content in and out of a piece of courseware as a user goes through the material ?  I know we can build parallel paths and branch off into that content - however we only need to swap content in or out based on the orginal role selection. - see the model below 


I'd be grateful for some input.



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Phil Mayor

Hi Garry

We are building a huge project doing this.  I had to build a proof of concept for how to do it and used variables.  You could either have different scenes for each role or possibly use layers that load based on an initial t/f variable

here is a link to my POC

There is no different content but the variable are in there, the plan is that the role icon that appears in the top right will be clickable so they can change role at any time


Ron Price


With Storyline, there seems to always be multiple ways of tackling an issue.  As you suggested, you can created parallel paths, but another option would be to create variables in the course for each role.  For example in your diagram, you could create two variables (True/False).  One for CEO and one for Groundsperson. Everyone could follow the same path, but have layers containing Job-specific information.  Create Conditional Triggers on the slides with the job specific content .  "SHOW CEO Layer, if the Variable for CEO = True"

"Show Groundsperson Layer if the variable for Groundsperson = True.".  Something like that.

 You could use the same variables for the parallel path idea, and in some ways that could be a better option since you can see the learning paths more clearly in the Story View.  One of the benefits of using Storyline, for sure.

Ron Price

Hello Garry,

Yes - that is what the "condiitions" on a trigger are for.  The Next Slide button is a Player Trigger designed to go to the next slide, however, you can add a condition to that trigger so that Next Slide destination changes based on the variable. . .

I will try to throw a screenr together if that will help.  It is easier to see . .  than to read.

Garry Hargreaves

Hi Ron,

We built this in flash (standalone - no LMS) - see attached - place zip in a directory and run the HTML to see the screen cap correctly. 

I should be able to get similar functionality in SL. 

In the flash version, if the user got halfway through, when s/he retruned to the course the circleson the front screen would look like a clock and show 6'oclock - the circle half full.  All assests externalised via XML - so rather flexiable and client could edit content as it changed ..



Kate Jurd

Hi Garry

I was really excited to see this posting...I am currently developing a similar project and  was previously  inspired by the Prometheus demo on Pandemic flu .... so up until now I have been slowly analysing their interaction ( love to have a closer look at those source files !!

I work in the health industry, main focus is the education of junior doctors entering the medical workforce - so we have a lot of compliance type courses relevant to all staff  ( storyline will solve a lot of our mandatory training requirements...exciting times)

....but one of the projects I am working on, is the development of training package focusing on clinical type guidelines, and decision making processes for both doctors and nurses their management and care of patients during their hospital stay.   As you mentioned in your scenario, there is particular information/content that is relevant to both roles , and there is content that a doctor needs to be familiar with, to help make clinical descisions and the same for the nurses....Originally I was going to set up the course with two distinct pathways....but the more I speak with senior staff, clinical supervisors...the more I feel, the pathway should cross over at frequent intervals, ie  I need some of the content for the nurses to be viewable by the doctors and visa versa...this is to give the doctor an understanding as to why the nurse would be asking particular questions about the patient eg approriate tests to be taken or drugs to administer. And for nurses to understand what the junior doctor role is etc....see attached sample  - there is also the requirement of the 4 hour timeframe for the patient during the emergency department

There is a significant amount of content/training that hangs off the patient flow diagram, dependant on the condition that the patient presents with....there will be individual modules covering guidelines for managment of diabetes, chest pain, pneumonia, delerium, chronic pain, etc  through to pathology, pharmacy and allied health... and then there is the documentation, hygene, safety, security modules.

its going to be a massive undertaking..but will have real benefits for our nurses and doctors, and ultimately significant improvements to patient care and safety..

Having viewed Ron's demo above I have a better idea now of how this can be thanks Ron , and Garry thanks for putting the question out there.  I would be interested to hear how your project is going since you first posted.

regards Kate

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