Rollback to Version 4 of SL2

Jun 06, 2015


I would like to rollback to version 4 of SL2.  The reason being that the right click functionality in my try it simulation no longer works when the lessons are live.  I have tried everything to make it work and cannot figure it out.  I have been doing this in Google Chrome.  I see that this issue has been reported and will update again when the issue has been resolved.  Thank you.


-Brian Seaman

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brian,

We don't keep links to previous updates posted publicly, as we wouldn't want folks using an older version that didn't include all the bug fixes in the latest version. I understand that you're having a specific issue with the right click triggers, so if you need update 4 for this particular behavior we'll want to have you connect with our Support team and they'll be able to provide you a link to download Update 4. 

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