Rotation Pivot Point For Grouped Object

Sep 16, 2022


I want to make a suggestion for Storyline. Currently, when you rotate a grouped object, everything single object will still rotate based on its own pivot point. I found this odd. I wish once multiple objects are grouped together, the new pivot point should be the center of the grouped object. 

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Walt Hamilton

As you get more experience using groups, you will continually find odd behaviors.

There is an old saying in the theater: "Anyone who puts kids or animals on the stage deserves what happens to them." That means that no matter how well-behaved, or well-trained you think they are, at some time they are going to revert to their true nature, and you can only hope it doesn't happen during a performance.  The SL correlation is: "Anyone who uses groups deserves what happens to them." That means that no matter how well-behaved or how well-trained you hope they are, groups don't play nicely with anything, and especially not states, clicking on, and triggers. Sooner or later, you are likely to have problems with them.

Pretty much what you need to do is to make all the disparate objects in the group into one object. The easiest way to do that is to select all but the main one, copy them, edit the states of the main one, and paste the others onto its Normal state.  If you do that, not only will they whole group rotate about one pivot point, but will in every way behave as one object.
Math Notermans

Although in general i agree with Walt, you can use groups perfectly if you know how they end up in the final HTML.

For setting the transformation point on a group refer to this post..

It will work on groups too.

Math Notermans

As i am preparing for a workshop on GSAP im giving soon, made this showing the magic of GSAP on groups in Storyline. For now just a quick view on it... making a more detailed post about it soon...

A post about animating groups in Storyline with GSAP is now here: