Saba LMS not refreshing completion status upon Storyline 360 course exit.

Apr 15, 2020


We have encountered an issue with Storyline 360 scorm packages in Saba.

The LMS is not refreshing the status of the course upon completion by either the custom exit button or closing the browser window. This gives the impression that the course progress has not been registered, however if the user refreshes the page, the status will appear. So we know the course completion data is getting picked up by Saba, its just not refreshing upon completion.

It seems to be only with Storyline 360 scorms courses as we tested another scorm package not articulate related and it work as expected.

For this testing, we are using a blank Storyline 360 course with one slide and one custom completion trigger upon first slide start exported as Scorm 2012 with the Complete/Incomplete status.

I have tested this scorm file on Scormcloud and it does refresh upon course exit.

I have tried all completion status in the scorm publish settings and also tried scorm 2004 to no success.

If anyone has had this issue before I would greatly like to hear any information.


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Katie Riggio

Hello Christine,

We haven't identified anything within Storyline's output that could prevent content from registering completion in an LMS, but we're happy to keep digging!

I found this related discussion where Bridge recommends setting the reporting status as Passed/Incomplete:


Also, the best way to pinpoint the cause is to upload the course to another LMS environment. SCORM Cloud is perfect for the job since it's industry-standard:

If you need a hand with testing, simply share the LMS output file with us through this private link and we'll do the rest!

Ren Gomez

Hi Leticia,

Thanks for reaching out! In looking at the case details, our support engineer wasn't able to replicate the problem in SCORM Cloud and suggested Support LE open a case with Saba to address the issue they were running into.

If you're running into some similar snags with reporting completion, our support team is happy to lend a hand with testing and can point you in the right direction. Feel free to share your .story file with us!

Mark Ramsey


We might have run into a similar issue on a course we have. Here's our tester's comments:

"The only weird thing I noticed is that when I finished the final exam, exited and selected “resume later” it did NOT complete me. I had to relaunch it, exit again, and select “Exit and Finish”. Is this OK? Is this something we need to put in instructions at the end?"

We are using SABA (not sure which version), and our status string is the default "Passed/Incomplete".

Lauren Connelly

Hi Mark!

Thanks for sharing your findings! We're happy to help. Are your testers finding this within a specific browser when viewing the course in Saba LMS? I'd recommend reaching out to Saba to see they've noticed a similar snag with completion issues.

If we can help test your file, let us know! You can upload your .story file to us by using this secure upload link!