Save form data

Jun 16, 2022

Hi there.
According to a form with fields to fill in: surname, first name, email, etc.
Is it possible to save these answers in any file (Excel file for example)?

The module will not be hosted on an LMS but on a classic site.


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Math Notermans

Yep... gonna make a simple sample.

Well a simple sample aint possible due to CORS and other limitations on Google side.
Offcourse i have a working setup, but that makes use of Google Cloud functions that you need to set up on your Google end. Then you can write, read and update sheets easily. There is a 3rd party plugin form Cluelabs that is really easy to use. Disadvantage of that plugin however is that with lots of data rows tend to fill wrong as it has bugs and is quite slow.

If you are looking for a secure rapid solution your best bet is using the Google API directly and using Cloudfunctions. I did tests with both ( using Google Cloud functions and Cluelabs plugin ) and with Cloudfunctions you can write, read and update sheets perfectly and quick without hassle. But its harder to implement.
This sample uses Google Cloud Functions to write, read and update a sheet on my Google account.