Saving color scheme acting buggy

Aug 01, 2016


I have the latest update to Storyline 2 installed Update 10 - Build 1607.1221 (7/26/2016). When I try to save a color scheme, I don't get a window to save the color scheme under a specific name, it just automatically saves the color scheme to the last one that was used. 

This seems like a bug - I don't remember this happening before.



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Christie Pollick

Hi, Yoyo -- Thanks for reaching out here and sorry to hear of your troubles! If I am understanding what you are describing correctly, you should be able to save a color theme under a new name as described here. May I ask if you can confirm that you are working locally, as well? I'll see if I am able to reproduce this behavior in a test file and I'll share my findings here as soon as possible. Your patience is appreciated! 

Yoyo Gee


So i'm editing a color scheme from a previously saved file. I already made the color changes and then realized that I should probably save the color scheme under a different name. But when I click save it doesn't give me the option to save under a different name. I'm including a screencast for you. Also, yes, I am working locally.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Yoyo -- Many thanks for the screencast and may I ask if you have also tried importing the file into a new file to see if you find improvement? Apologies, but I still don't seem to be experiencing any issues as you have described. If issues persist, please feel free to share your file for private review by using this form and I will see what more I can do to assist. 

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