Saving Quiz Score to send to LMS

Feb 11, 2021

I am working on some mini-courses for an educational institution and they want to save a students score on the quiz, not just pass or fail. I have created a short test course where the learner answers some random questions from the quiz pool and based on 80% or higher they pass or fail the quiz. Seems simple right? Everything works correctly when I preview but when I sent over to the developers to test in the LMS they are saying my built-in quiz variable for results.scorepercent score is not being sent up so it can not be stored for the learner.

I tried to create a variable for userScore and am looking for a way to adjust it to the score when learner passes the quiz. my %Results.ScorePercent% displays correctly on the slide but I can't see way to adjust my custom variable to it. 

Any ideas or tips?

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Helen!

Erin shared great information! I wanted to add that for the score to be sent to the LMS, you'll want to make sure you've chosen to track progress by using a Results Slide.

If you've selected this option and the user's score still isn't appearing, then you'll want to troubleshoot your LMS with SCORM cloud. 

Please keep us updated with your findings!