Saving results from quiz to a txt file

Feb 01, 2015

From what I have read, I don't think Articulate supports this, but I am looking for assistance from users.  My company needs to have 800 people take a training and have a way to track the results.  We do not have an LMS, but I must publish as an LMS so it can be saved on SharePoint (this is where learners will access the training). 

Is there a way to get my results for each learner into 1 txt file (that I save where the story.html file is located)?  I've searched the discussions out there and have tried several different things, but nothing has worked for me.  I think some of my problem is that I need to create variables that call the default results variables (results.scorepercent...etc). 

Any help is greatly appreciated on this!!

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Jan Vilbrandt

Hi Jenn,

this is a "multidimsional" Problem ;-)

a) First of all you need some program-code outside articulate, which will write the lerner's result to a text-file. A combination of e.g. a php-script outside your course and some AJAX JavaScript inside your Storyline course would do.  I'm using this technique for some statistics because I do not always have got an LMS.

If you want to use php or another web-language, your Server has to support this.

b) Second you have to get the values of the result, etc. inside your course.

To find a solution you must tell a bit more about the SharePoint server... does it support any web-Scripting languages, e.g. php?

How is your course published in SharePoint? One big zip-file or many small files?

Lucio P

Hello Jan,

I'm not sure if your solution will work here, but I have to ask.

I've used Storyline to build a SCORM package which is hosted on a server. I'm trying to find a method for learners to send questions from within Storyline via my server's mail program. To do that, I need to be able to transfer the questions as text files from Storyline to the server. I could build a php script to do that, but how do you go about having Storyline JS communicate with a php file on the server.

Dave Cox

I'm not sure about doing a text file. Usually it is hard to write to the hard drive unless you use something like server side scripting (PHP) like Jan mentioned. The reason is security. Web pages are not allowed to write to users hard drives.


I'm not an expert on sharepoint, but I don't think it allows for server-side scripts.

You can, however, send email from your Storyline project, although it will go through the users email program. Of course, that means that the user could edit the email before sending. To send without going through the users email program means you are back to server side scripting.

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