Saving text entry to a .txt file

Aug 18, 2015

Is there a way, without the use of an LMS, to save user generated text to a .txt file?

We are trying to create a Notebook that will be used over 3 weeks of blended classroom training without access to an LMS. We want the learner to be able to write to the same file over the 3 week period. On top of not accessing via an LMS, we can't use Active X controls. Any ideas?



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Kris Lafleur

Thanks Leslie. I had seen this thread, but the user will be accessing and closing down the course  over a 3 week period. No network access of any kind. I'm looking for a way for the user to open the eLearning, be able to keep some notes, close the eLearning and still have the notes available the next time the course is opened. Wouldn't the text from the previous session be lost/reset when they closed out of the eLearning? I'm investigating a Web Object option, but it is new ground for me!

Bruce Roberts

Does anyone know if this still works in Storyline 3 / 360?
I tried sending variables to a text file using the example here with no success:

It no longer appears as an option in the JavaScript best practice for 360:

I have a client with SharePoint 2016 and I can't make this option work or the SharePoint solution mentioned here:

Any help would be gratefully received.

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