SCO Video Pre-loading issue

we are using Articulate Storyline 2 to create SCOes.
We use these SCOes in a custom LMS developed by our organization.
SCOes are published as "Standard 2004, 4th version".

SCOes are composed by question slides and videos, we usually have 4 videos and 10 questions.
The structure of the course is: info slide, title slide, video, question slide, video, question slide, video, ... other questions slide and result slide.

We found out that when a course is starting, all SCO videos are being downloaded (resulting in a very slow experience for our users -- they have to wait that all videos are downloaded prior to start viewing something!).
In addition, when going on through the course and entering a video slide, that video is downloaded again.
This behavior duplicates our server bandwith and it is a bad UX for our users.
Is it the normal behavior? Is there something we can do to avoid the video pre-downloading?

Thank you and Best regards,
Anna Maria Serra
Software Architect

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Justin Wilcox

Hi Anna Marie. 

Could you submit a case here and share your files with us so we can take a closer look at  your issue? If you would like to put ATTN: Justin Wilcox at the beginning of the description I will be more than happy to take a look at your files and what is happening. It is not possible to modify how Storyline loads content but it would be helpful for me to review what is happening with your specific files so I can let you know what I am seeing.