Score discrepancies

Mar 22, 2018


We have a 67-question item course final exam with 2 attempts, which we
posted to the LMS. The score is correctly reported on the Results slide of
the course package as well as in the Reports section of the LMS. However,
our students report getting a course completion email confirmation that
shows them an incorrect score. The LMS support has verified this issue.

They are now pointing back to a possible bug in the SCORM file, however, I
cannot identify it. We have other module tests with unlimited attempts, but
the students are not reporting the score discrepancies. The LMS support claims that they had another client who had the same issue with the Storyline SCORM package that was solved after reaching back to the Articulate.

Has anyone experienced a similar issue?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Katarina,

I'm glad you reached out to our Support team as well! 

Did your LMS admin indicate what the issue was that the other client had resolved? Or if they're able to share the client name with us we can also track down that case and it may save a little time/testing from our team to figure out the issue. Feel free to respond here or in your Support case with that info.


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