Scoring noob - please help - 10 out of 12 passmark

Oct 19, 2015

Hi All,

(sorry If this has come up before, I've not found it in searches)

I'm designing a course where a client wants to add 2 more more questions to a 10 question quiz. The original passmark for the LMS was 80%. Obviously I can no longer hit 80% if they get 10 of the 12 offered questions right. So what should I do?

Technically, if they pass 10 out of 12, they've achieved 83.33% right?

  • Should the design be changed simply to set a value of 10 out of 12 questions, rather than a percentage? or
  • can I actually set it at 83.33%?

Any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated. :)


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