SCORM 1.2 Package firing completion after every slide upon initial completion trigger.

I'm using a manual completion trigger on the final slide of the course. 

After the student completes the course, if they try to go back and review, the completion trigger continues to call back to the LMS, and congratulate the learner with a pop-up. 

This is a new behavior that is occurring after the latest update, as I have 12 previous versions of this course that do not exhibit this behavior.

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Katie Riggio

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for bringing this up. I haven't come across this experience as of yet, but I'm happy to help investigate!

  • Which Storyline 360 update are you running? We fixed an issue with course completion triggers not working in hotfix 3.42.22734.0, so I wonder if this could be related.
  • If you could share an affected file for testing, we can run a few tests and let you how what we find. You can send it privately to us by using this link.