SCORM 1.2 Reporting & Tracking Setting Issues

We have created a very linear training module in Storyline with no quizzes. When publishing for our client's LMS, we were asked to export in SCORM 1.2, however the client is having a few problems when importing into their LMS. I was wondering if there are particular settings to help deliver an appropriate package to them to simply import into their system.

1. The module at the end, is passing a 1 or 0 variable to the system. I am guessing this is what the Completed/Incomplete setting does. The client would like the module to pass a 100 variable when the module is complete, but NOTHING if the module is incomplete. Is there a setting for that? 

2. They are having to modify the imsmanifest.xml to "Hide the LMS toolbar". I am not even sure (as we don't have a test LMS system in-house), what this means. Can we provide our package with this already hidden? 

Let me know if there is any other information you may need.

Thanks in advance

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Sam Carter

Storyline doesn't pass a 1 or 0 to indicate completion. In fact, the text strings "Completed" and "Incomplete" are SCORM-standard values for "cmi.core.lesson_status".  

Sounds like this LMS wants a passing score for "cmi.core.score.raw" and you have no quiz to post that value.  It may be possible to add a no-way-to-fail quiz question at the end of the course to pass the required value of 100.

Deirdre Waters


I was recently told that there are issues around LMS tracking for user who view the learning on iPad. We have knowledge checks in our courses. Where to I get information on this subject? I need to make sure that user who complete the learning on ipad will register as completed status in their profiles. Thanks for your help. d

Peter Anderson

Hi Deirdre, welcome to the community!

Here's a really in-depth article that should help you get your courses up and running on iPad. Some highlights are below:

To track your learners who view your iPad or HTML5 content, you'll need to do any one of the following:

  • Deploy your course from Articulate Online: Articulate Online fully supports tracking users who view your course with the Articulate Mobile Player on an iPad. When you publish, choose Articulate Online as your publish option, and mark the checkbox to "Use Articulate Mobile Player on iPad." Find out more about publishing to Articulate Online here.
  • Deploy your course from an LMS which supports the Tin Can API: Tin Can is a communication specification which allows learning management systems to receive tracking data from mobile apps. When you publish, choose LMS as your publish option, and mark the checkbox to “Use Articulate Mobile Player on iPad.” (If your LMS provider doesn’t yet support Tin Can API, we recommend that you urge them to do so.) Find out more about publishing for LMS here.
  • Deploy your course as HTML5 content, and have learners access it from your LMS with a browser that supports HTML5: This is a good option if you’re using an LMS which does not support Tin Can API and if learners will use an iPad or other device which doesn’t support Flash. When you publish, choose LMS as your publish option, and mark the checkbox to “Include HTML5 output. Find out more about publishing for LMS here.