Scorm 2004 and SABA


I'v got some problems with my scorms.

When using 1.2 and the student restarts the course it begins a few slides to early. A problem because it's a quiz with limited tries.

If I use scorm 2004 it works as it should but then another problems occurs, the scorm never report the course as completed or passed to the LMS.

Saba claim it's Articulate that should solve this problem and Articulate says that it's Sabas problem to fix.


So is there anyone out there that has a solution for how to get scorm 2004 to work with Saba 7.2. 

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Tech Macher


Seems nobody looked into this. I do not use Articulate, but I tested more than 150 LMSs using iSpring, Adobe, and Articulate packages. 


The LMS must return the full data pocket which was previously set by a SCORM course (google more about LMSSetValue/SetValue:"cmi.suspend_data","smth+to+save"). If the LMS does not return this package (LMSGetValue/GetValue: "cmi.suspend_data", "smth+to+return") the course will not restore its previous position. 

Note that both SCORM specs limit how much suspend_data can be saved in an LMS. Good LMSs ignore this limitation (as it is only a recommendation). Even Moodle 3.x can disable this.

If the limit reached, an LMS stops recording suspend_data.
Thus: you view 100 slides but only 40 out of 100 are suspended. Next time, you will re-start and get to slide 40 if the bookmarking enabled in a course.

So you need to check with the LMS vendor: 

Do you still have limited storage for suspend_data?
Is there a workaround or can it be disabled?

Hope this helps!