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Ali Goulet

Hi Terry, Thanks so much for reaching out here! I'll admit I don't have personal experience with Moodle so I'll have to defer to the community on specifics. However, it might be easier for someone to assist if we had a little more information. Was there something in particular you had a question about regarding this? Are you running into any issues? I know we do have Moodle users that frequent the forums here so hopefully someone will be able to chime in! :)

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there, Terry! I'll have to defer to the community for their experience using a SCORM package with Moodle, but I did want to point out this forum thread about Loading Storyline into Moodle.

Also, you may also want to look at the Building Better Courses side of the forums to see what other ideas have been shared.

Terry Wood

Thanks Tristan and Roger. I am having some difficulties with getting the Storyline output to display properly on different machines.

Does the learner’s browser have anything to do with how the courses are viewed or does Moodle take care of that? I’m having problems getting the closed captioned videos in my courseware to display consistently in testing on different machines.