SCORM + Brightspace (D2L) + Firefox = Minor Audio Glitches

Hello Articulate Community,

I have a minor audio issue with my Storyline (360) LMS published (SCORM) modules, in Brightspace (D2L) when viewed on Firefox web browser.

The issue:

It ONLY seems to present under the precise conditions of SCORM + Brightspace + Firefox and my own troubleshooting has led me to conclude that this is a Firefox issue. The audio issue itself is minor; the sound skips or glitches briefly, typically at the beginning of slides. I've also noticed that if I replay the slide, the audio does not skip, but it DOES consistently skip if you proceed through the presentation using the "next" buttons or allow it to trigger through automatically.

 I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue, or has some insight to offer.

 Below are details of troubleshooting steps I've already taken:

 Storyline file: The storyline 360 file itself (.story) plays correctly, with no audio issues when previewed in Articulate storyline, when published to Review, AND when published to LMS (SCORM 1.2) and uploaded to ScormCloud.

 The same SCORM file that plays flawlessly on Scormcloud, when uploaded to my institution's LMS, Brightspace, plays with the previously described audio glitches. This would seem to imply that the issue is with Brightspace …however, while trying to diagnose the problem, I found that some people said it played fine for them on Brightspace, and eventually discovered that the audio glitches only seem to occur in this context when using Firefox web browser. When viewed on Google Chrome, the audio is fine.


SCORM Publish Settings:

(see attached "publish screenshot1")

I've tried adjusting the LMS publish settings in a variety of ways, and uploading to Brightspace, and it makes no difference. Here are the settings I've adjusted:

  • Modern player with/without menu
  • Modern player dark and light theme
  • Classic player
  • Optimized for standard delivery with "optimize audio volume" checked and unchecked
  • Custom quality with all criteria reduced

Web Publish:

I am also able to publish the storyline file to Web, upload to Brightspace, and share it using an iframe in the html editor, and this plays correctly in Brightspace on any browser. However, I have not been successful using an iframe code with a functional fullscreen option in Brightspace, which means the module presents in restricted dimensions, which is not ideal.

Again, for whatever reason, it seems that the combination of SCORM + Brightspace + Firefox = audio glitches, and I'm not sure why.

 I've also noted that these audio glitches are not restricted to my storyline files. I've confirmed  that they present in SCORM files that were added to Brightspace before my time here.

Presently, my only 'solution' is to add instructions to the course indicating that learners should use Google Chrome for the best audio experience.

Anyone have any other further insight or suggestions?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Sally and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for sharing all your troubleshooting details and results. 

I'm curious if you've been able to contact BrightSpace and share your SCORM Cloud in Firefox comparison to BrightSpace in Firefox? 

Hopefully, anyone else in the community that has run into a similar issue will be able to chime in and share their solution with you.

Thor Melicher

No solution here - just adding to the report that we're experiencing similar issues with Firefox and Cornerstone on Demand.  Audio drops intermittently - when replaying, it plays correctly.  It feels like a cache / streaming issue.  As Sally reported, this is not experienced in Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.

SL360 v.3.37.21614.0
Firefox ESR 68.4.1