SCORM - Exit Behavior Pop-up Message

Nov 05, 2020


This message is appearing when users finish viewing my training module and I'm told by our Learning Mgmt. Platform vendor that it is related to a coding issue with my SCORM file through Articulate regarding Exit Behavior.

They said to reach out to Articulate directly and mention that the "Exit Behavior" is causing this and you can instruct me how to encode the SCORM files so that the Exit_Behavior=NONE. This will stop the pop-up from appearing to users.

The issue is occurring on Internet Explorer browsers only, and when a user chooses (Done) or (Take Quiz), it will ask if they'd like to close the window as the SCORM believes a separate tab has been opened, and when selecting (Yes) it would close the browser. When accessing on Chrome browsers, this pop-up will not appear as it will suppress the Exit Behavior. Most of the company is using Microsoft Edge as our browser but not all locations (stores) have transitioned yet.

I need our users to be able to click (Take Quiz) and automatically transition on to the questions set up in the platform.

Can someone help me with this?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Gail and welcome to E-Learning Heroes 😊

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you are experiencing in your project. 

It'd be great if we could take a look and understand the way your course is built and if this behavior is specific to your LMS. I've opened a support case on your behalf and emailed a request for the .story file.

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