SCORM File in Foreign Language

I am trying to play a foreign language course in my LMS under my user profile that is set to English, but it is not working. When I create a SCORM file and use another language (e.g. French) as the Title in Publishing to LMS, then the SCORM file name is in that language, not English. When I upload the file into our LMS, the file does not play under my English user profile. Is there a way to make the published title one language so the proper title is displayed in the player, but the SCORM file name is something different? When I manually change the file name, the SCORM file does not play in the LMS. Thanks!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rich, 

I'm not sure there is a way to ensure the file name displays in English as your user profile is set to if when you publish it the title is written in French. It may be something you'd want to connect with your LMS team about. There is a way to change the title when using non-English characters as described here, that you may be able to use to ensure you have the file name you wanted.