SCORM quizes display "Incomplete" in results


I recently put together an entire SCORM package and uploaded it to our LMS.

I assigned the final slide to "end the course" and it displays "the content is complete you may now close this window" but when I look at the results of the test in our LMS reporting it shows "Incomplete"

My question is WHAT is the trigger or command that i need to put into the end of the course to submit and finalize the questions that are within it?  I have "submit" on all the slides and it displays Incorrect or Correct each time, but I feel i'm just missing something to wrap it up.  If i do put a results page in it marks complete.  The triggers leading to that result slide are "Jump to next slide" and "submit results"

I''d like to NOT display a results page, as the test will not allow you to go forward unless you answer correctly.

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Phil Mayor


Just out od interest how many questions do you have, there is a scorm limit on data, I have only had this happen once and I had 200 questions, itt kept showing incomplete, when I split it into smaller scorms it showed complete.

The other thing is how are you send the completetion data?  If you send incomplete/passed then this will show as incomplete if you fail