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Dec 07, 2018

I am creating an interactive software system simulation.  In the attempt to get the very best clear screen shots, which software system would you us that is the best you have found to get clear screen captures.  I have Articulate 360 which would application would you use, I guess is what I am asking. TIA

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Tom Kuhlmann

The software to capture is less important than how you capture.

Ideally what you capture is at the same resolution as the course. For example, if your course screen is 720x540 then the screen capture should be 720x540. If you capture a higher resolution image (for example a full desktop screen at 2560x1440) that image will be scaled down to fit the 720x540 and you'll get significant image degradation.

Here are two examples:

The full screen image was captured at 1920x1080 which is 16:9 and inserted into two different Storyline projects. 

As you can see there's considerable degradation when the large image is scaled down to fit into the smaller slide size. You can really see the different if you maximize the browser.

You'll always have some degradation, but the less you have to scale the image to fit into the course dimensions, the better the quality.

A few tips:

  • You don't always need a full screen which means you can capture a smaller part of the screen and not have to scale it
  • If you need to do a full screen, set your monitor display settings to a lower resolution (it may look blurry) and then capture the full screen at that resolution. 

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