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May 09, 2012

My boss and I were playing around with Storyline this week and we had a specific question. We really like the Captivate-like paradigm of being able to create the three software demo types (show me, let me try, test me) simultaneously. We currently use Camtasia to create our "show me" software demos so that we can export to mp4 to publish. So here's what appears to be the crux...the idea of being able to create all three types of demos simultaneously only works when you specify step-by-step, but if you want to export a Show Me demo, you have to do it on one slide to create the mp4 file.

Is this correct?

Thanks for your help,


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Tom Kuhlmann

Hello Linda: I hope things are going well.

You have four options with the video:

  1. Video on slide
  2. Then the three interactive options: show, try, and test.

I'm a little clear on what you want. Do you want just a single video or do you want the interactive show me? You can export just the video if that's all you need. However, the interactive show me is made up a series of slides that produce the mouse movements and all of that. That would need to be published.

Linda Ross

Hi Tom,

We want to know if it's possible to create all three at once and still be able to export the "show me" version as an mp4.

Let me give you the scenario.

I'm creating a Directive Architecture self-study template that is essentially an Articulate Studio Package that contains  standardized player template in the ppta, our branded ppt deck, standardized Engage Interactions, and standardized QuizMaker quizzes. This provides the curriculum developers on my team with a set of tools to populate to build out their specific content and ensures a consistent look and feel across self-studies produced by our groups.

I've already created a Receptive Architecture approach that works fine with just using the Studio tools, but for Directive, Clark is pretty clear about the sequence of learning evernts:

  • Present the steps of the procedure
  • Demonstrate the steps of the procedure
  • Let the learner try the steps of the procedure (guided practice with feedback)
  • And at some later point, test the learner to see if they can perform the procedure without feedback

Currently, we use Camtasia to produce the "demonstrate the steps of the procedure" learning event, and Captivate to produce the interactive learning events. We embed these files into the Studio files so that the self-study appears self contained, but our "show me" versions also stand alone on our YouTube channel.

We were wondering if Storyline would allow us to retire the other two tools we're currently using, but from our trials, it looks like we'd still have to create and export two different versions, if we wanted to have the "show me" version available as an mp4 that can also stand alone.

Tom Kuhlmann

Essentially you have two "show me" type options. One is the .mp4 video that appears as a single slide. The other is the one we build over a series of slides. At any point you can insert any of the videos/modes you require for the project.

If you want to upload an .MP4 to Youtube, you can export the recorded video. However, the "show me" that we build is created as a series of Storyline slides and can't be saved as an .MP4.

Here's the tutorial that covers how to export the video in case you weren't familiar or for others who may read the thread.

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