Screen readers and Tab function issue

I have a slide I am having trouble finding the tabs on. I have attached the slide here for review. It appears that three of the four buttons actually have three or four tabs within them, but I can't figure out how to access them.  They show up on the tab order list as one, but the red boxes show multiple.  Any help is greatly appreciated!


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Randy Hill

So a couple things here Emily. In your triggers, you do not need to tell the button to change to visited. Using the built in states(hover, selected, visited, normal etc.) will allow the system to automate all that. 

Secondly, to edit the extra boxes you are seeing, those will be under the states as well. When you view your Reporting button, you will see that under the normal state, the extra text boxes are there. Editing the states allows you to do more than is actually on the timeline view. 

Randy Hill

It has to do somehow with how you made the button. I would remake those 4 button just with built in states and then reapply the individual show layer triggers. When you edit the states and you use the drop down to go back and forth to other objects, you can see that somehow those extra text boxes are part of your base object.