Screen Recording errors when publish to website

Sep 25, 2012


I tried recording a screen capture and it worked great.  I was able to play it back, insert it into my Story, and preview/publish the file without issue.  The project is simple and consists of a 5 minute screen recording with a second slide with links and narration.  After I published it, I viewed the output, and everything worked fine.  However, once I uploaded the file to the web to share with others, the slide with the screen recording stays blank (I can see the seekbar moving, but no content appears).  When I click Next,  the 2nd slide with narration publishes fine.  I am at a loss.  The video is in the output file, and all else appears to be working properly (links in the resources tab, etc). 

Does anyone have any ideas why my entire screen recording is not showing up when it is published to the web?



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Jennifer Boettcher

Thanks - looks like I have to contact my company's IT support to update the server properties, since I don't have access to do that myself.  I'll let you know if that fixes the problem.

In the mean time, I converted the mp4 video to a WMV, thinking that might solve the problem. However, even when I tried to update my Storyline project with the WMV file instead of the Screen Recording, it still seemed to convert the video to MP4 when it published. 

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