Screen Recording Not Picking Up Text Entry

Jan 27, 2022

I am very new to Storyline 360 so I might be doing something wrong, but I've run into an issue doing screen recordings. When I record a process my team needs to do from a web application (I tried both Chrome and Edge), the recordings capture the clicks and the hotspots but not the text entered into a field. I have unistalled & reinstalled Storyline 360 all to no avail. All that being said, I did attempt to record typing up an email and it picked up the text entry. 

My question - what could be impacting the screen recording from recognizing text entry from the web? Is there a way to fix this?

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Becca Levan

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Meg!

I'm sorry you've run into a snag—I'd like to gather more clues so we can get to the bottom of this:

  • Are you seeing this behavior after completing a screen recording of a web form?
  • After completing the recording, does Storyline fail to generate a text entry quiz slide?

We have a possible bug reported related to web forms that we're investigating, but I'd like our support engineers to confirm if your issue is related. Is it possible to share your .story file so we can take a closer look? We'll reach out soon after we hear from you!

Tom Hoffman

I am curious if this was resolved... I am also new to Articulate 360 and Storyline and I am having somewhat similar issues with collecting text from a web application (a banking application called Integrated Teller from Fiserv). When I do a screen recording, when there is a text entry field, it captures the first digit of a number as a separate text entry (results in a separate slide) from the rest of the number. For example, if the entry was 3500, on one slide the hint says Enter 3 and on the next slide it says Enter 500. BTW, when I save the screen recording, I am selecting the Step by Step Slides option (Try Mode Steps).

Tom Hoffman

Hi Maria -

Sorry, I lied... I forgot it is an application that is installed, and we use a browser to launch the app. So I don't think the browser selection will matter much. I followed the link provided and created a support case. 

Case #03155760: When doing a screen recording of a web-based ...

Luciana Piazza

Hi Matt!

Thanks for reaching out!

Here are the steps that our Support Engineer shared within the case to assist Helen: 

"First, be sure you're working on your local hard drive (typically your C: drive) when creating, editing, and publishing Storyline courses. Working on a network drive or a USB drive can cause erratic behavior, such as file corruption or an inability to save changes. See the following article for more information and tips. And let me know if you have any questions.;!!DLyHQPKMJ_oz!sOOJ5yQ8aSCwbx1ejUNh2QzizXSeuGJynCeL6c2AKJk0lHyMtRAGLlWXBQX8TLqKwliuluzp-asb_iKDkq4jMMNij3sck4g$

If you're already doing that, please follow these steps to remove all Articulate 360 files and registry keys from your computer, so we can start completely fresh:

1) Close the Articulate 360 desktop app by right-clicking the Articulate icon in your computer's system tray (by the clock) and choosing "Quit."

2) Go to your Control Panel and uninstall all Articulate 360 apps, including the Articulate 360 desktop app, Peek 360, Replay 360, Storyline 360, and Studio 360.

3) Download and extract this zip file on your computer:;!!DLyHQPKMJ_oz!sOOJ5yQ8aSCwbx1ejUNh2QzizXSeuGJynCeL6c2AKJk0lHyMtRAGLlWXBQX8TLqKwliuluzp-asb_iKDkq4jMMNimlY1s6I$

4) Right-click the 360cleanup.bat file and choose "Run as administrator." The script should only take a few seconds to remove all the Articulate files and registry keys from your computer.

5) Reboot your computer.

6) Download the latest Articulate 360 desktop app here:;!!DLyHQPKMJ_oz!sOOJ5yQ8aSCwbx1ejUNh2QzizXSeuGJynCeL6c2AKJk0lHyMtRAGLlWXBQX8TLqKwliuluzp-asb_iKDkq4jMMNidU-H718$

7) Right-click the articulate-360.exe file and choose "Run as administrator."

8) Launch the Articulate 360 desktop app and click "Install" beside each authoring app you want to install.

9) Reboot your computer and test your Articulate apps."

Please let us know if these steps do the trick! 

Eric Santos

Hi Matt,

I'm happy to chime in! Are you using Google Chrome to record your screencast? If so, try using Firefox and see if it helps; it provides the richest data set. You can check out this article for more information:

I appreciate your patience!