Screen Recordings Not Capturing Text entry

Apr 09, 2014


I'm guessing this is a user error message as I've been out of the product for a few months due to changing jobs etc... but, I've run into an issue doing screen recordings of our software.  The recordings are capturing the clicks and the hotspots but then when I click inside of a field to enter text, the recording only capture the hotspot to click and does not capture the text that is entered so then the learning is not able to actually participate in the simulation.  I know I could insert text/data fields manually as variables etc. but it's so much easier when Storyline just captures the screen for simulation with the text entry included.  Any suggestions?

Also, if it matters, the current software I'm recording has "pop-ups" ... so I click a button on the software and a box pops up and then I click into a field on that popup and enter text. The screen recording captures all of that but only to the extent of a "hotspot" for the text box to be clicked and then does not capture the text that is entered.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sue,

Are you able to confirm if it's just not capturing the text entry in that software or in any text entries (such as recording you opening and typing into an email or something similar)? If it's the latter, I'd suggest conducting the repair of Storyline to resolve the odd behavior. 

If you're able to record other text entries, it may just be this software that doesn't allow for that to be capture, or Storyline is unable to read it - and as you mentioned, you'd have to create the text entries on your own. 

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