Screen Recording randomly shows wrong screen for the mouse action

Dec 07, 2012


I have a screen recording for systems training. Around slide 10 the mouse and text boxes are correct, however when previewed and published the "screen shot" from slide 1 appears.  I have opened up the slide before and after where this is happening in action fine tuning but I DO NOT see that screen shot.....

I have 2 other recordings that appear to be doing the same thing, I just have not had a chance to "dig" into those yet.  Has anyone experinced this?  I am new to Storyline and am finding this feature overly frustrating. 

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide.


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Sherrie Adams

Hi Christine,

I am attaching for your review.  THANK YOU!

Not sure if this will help but.... There are 3 screen recordings each in a different scene.  John's Reclass 1, John's Reclass 2 and Reclass Try me.

John's reclass 1 has a screen called the Customer's Dashboard as the first screen which is correct.  However as you view the preview or published file that same screen shot shows up between slide 6-8.  I dont see anywhere but in preview and the published file. It appears the correct actions are happening behind that Customer's Dashboard.

John's reclass 2- when I opened this recording orginally it was over close to 350 slides.  Currently at 67 slides I found the same thing happened on this recording but over and over again.  In this case I was able to see the slides where the Customer Dashboard was showing in the wrong spots....and for the most part after deleting them (over 275) I found they were all repetative and with the Customer's Dashboard as the slides I was left with pretty much had all the steps i needed. 

Reclass TryMe is a good example of what happened in John's reclass 2.  I can see that same darn Customer Dashboard screen however I have not edited it in anyway yet.

ON a side note, I edited John's reclass 2 much like I have in othersoftware (adjusting the timeline to shorten the amount of time the screen or objects on the screen display).....however in Storyline it appears that messes up the screen navigation I am trying to demonstrate, I will have to reinsert a clean copy of this and start over.  I'm assuming in Storyline I should leave the timeline alone on these recordings?

Thanks in advance for all of your help.


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Sherrie,

Yes, if the file is very large, it may time out when you try to upload. Can you try recreating it in a new .story file? If not, you can try submitting it in a support case and our tech team can try to look at the files. Just share the case number with me so I can follow the progress

Thanks again Sherrie!


Sherrie Adams

This simply isnt working and I've cut the file down to 36 slides.  Even with only 36 slides the file is 0.98GB.  Seems kinda large to me.  Do sceen captures always run so large in Storyline?

I am going to try and get this through the link you sent.

Thanks for your help.


Hi Christine,

I am going to try and load this one more time.  I deleted John's Reclass 2 and the try me i mentioned aboce. If the root cause of the Customer's Dashboard appearing around slide 6-8 without it being visible can be identified that will help me with that same issue I have in the other files.  Again looks like the mouse actions are correct, just that the wrong screen is displaying.

I would love to know what happened and if I can fix it...even if it just "masking" the screens.  This project is due this week, very depenant on the system demonstrations.



Adam Wetz

Hi Sherrie,

What was the final solution to your issue? I am experiencing a similar issue right now. I've got a short step-by-step recording I'm trying to insert into a project. Randomly, in the middle of the recoding, one of the steps is displaying the correct mouse action, but on the wrong window. The steps before and after are showing the correct window. This is only happening when I preview or publish the project. When I look at the step of the slide itself, it is showing the correct window.

I've tried pausing the recording and completely closing out of the first window at different times, so the window I'm trying to record is the only one open, but it is still reverting back during the one step. Any ideas?

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Adam,

Honestly, I have no idea :D Without seeing how the course functioned at first, and after it was changed, I'm afraid it's difficult to say what caused it in the first place.

I am happy to hear that adjusting the markers and timeline helped with this, though! Thanks very much for keeping me updated :)

If you run into any other trouble with this, please let me know.

Have a great day!

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