Screencast - HD quality lost

Hi there,

I wonder if someone can help me. I frequently make screen recordings, export as Mp4, upload to YouTube and then embed as a web object. Up until now, the exported Mp4 has always been of HD quality so when I upload to YouTube learners can view at 720p. However, the latest screencasts I made are only available to view at 480p max.

I can't find a reason for this change. Can anyone else?

Videos are 1260 x 710, 25 fps.

Many thanks in advance,



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Mike Enders

Hi Alex,

That second number (710) is the magic one.  It needs to be 720 for the 720 HD to kick in.  My experience with YouTube says that if it's less than 720, then the highest setting in YouTube will be 480.   On the other hand, if your earlier vids were also 710 and YouTube was kicking them out at's possible that YouTube made a change in how they handle them.

For now, I'd try increasing your recording dimensions to #### x 720 and see if that causes YouTube to display at the 720 resolution.