Scroll panel in another layer

Oct 29, 2020


I need a hand.  I have inserted a scroll panel on my base layer with multiple questions.  About 30 of them.  To show the answers and access to feedback, I added a second layer.

What I can't seem to be able to do is have access (from my second layer) to the scroll panel (from the base layer). 

Can anyone help me?

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Martin Desloges

"access" the base layer is probably not the right way to explain this.  

I would like to be able to see scroll panel while on my second layer.  Also, I want the scroll panel to scroll when asked to do so.  While being on the layer.

Base layer = Questions to answer.

First layer = Answers

Is this clearer?...  Thanks!

Scott Wiley

Ah, I see. There isn't a way to programmatically interact with a scroll panel, whether on a different layer or the same one.

The only thing I think you can do in this case, if you really need to use a scroll panel to display all questions on a single slide, would be to include all your correct/incorrect indicators in the scroll panel itself. Set them all to hidden state at first. Then use a trigger to tell all of them to show normal state when you click something.

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