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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Jason:

My guess is that you'll need to use layers. (I assume you've already ruled minimizing the "menu" on the player and just opening the notes/cc text panel so learners can follow along.)

Here's an interesting thread on creating cc text with a detailed screenrs by Tom Kuhlmann and Briant Blatt. Might prompt some alternative thinking. Best of luck, Daniel

Jason Johnson

Thanks, Daniel. That is the approach I'm using; I was just hoping to avoid layers because you can't copy/paste layers but you can shapes, pics, buttons, etc and they carry over their properties. I wish I could access the Notes content by a variable but I don't think that's available yet. I'm using a custom player, otherwise your other suggestion would be sufficient. Thanks!

Jason Johnson

Yes, if you have good enough foresight for what you want as a finished product you can do that, no problem. However, I've already placed a bunch of stuff on different slides and I don't want to scrap it or have to copy/paste all of that stuff into a new slide. Good suggestion depending on the situation though.