Scrollbar in Resource tab does not open all PDF resources

Sep 15, 2020


So I've made a case report on this already: 02440508

And attached are my testing files here too.

Test link is here:

Here's what I notice:

When you click and drag the scrollbar (NOT the wheel scroll) in the Resources Tab then select an unseen PDF item below the first seen set of PDF buttons, both:

1. The button does NOT produce a PDF resource in another tab.

2. Next, this causes the buttons to also return to the top of the list.

3. IE 11 does not have a scrollbar.

These issues only occur when you have a lot of PDF links. Meaning you need a scrollbar to access more buttons. 

I made a mistake in the case # report of item 2. It does not restart the course. It causes the list to return to the top of the list items. I also discovered item 3 after testing more.

We did see item 1 and 2 occur in Mozilla and Chrome. Obviously not IE as we had no scrollbar to test from.

If I get more information or if others have questions or comments, I'll reply below. This could be an issue on other scrollbar related items too? Thanks!

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