Scrolling panel not starting at the top of the page

I have a scrolling panel with multiple text entry fields. At the top of the scroll I have a title and some graphics. However, when I view the slide it loads where the  first text entry field is. (This is near the middle of the scroll for me.) I have tried to hid a text box at the top but the cursor displays if rolled over and I have concerns about building a large project with this as a fix. Any ideas how to resolve this for a better solution?



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Ren Gomez

Hi Jon,

Thanks for reaching out! I'm experiencing the same behavior when adding in a text-entry inside a scrolling panel. During preview and publish, I noticed where the scrolling panel will focus on the text entry first wherever it's located.

I'm sorry you're running into this bug! I've reported it to my team and will continue to keep an eye on its impact. We'll be sure to let you know in this discussion when we have updates to share on a fix!

Ren Gomez
Hi Everyone,
Good news! We fixed the issue where a text entry placed inside a scrolling panel will force focus to start at text entry, not at the top of the panel.
Here's how to install the latest Storyline 360 update to see all the recent enhancements and fixes.
If the problem reappears, please connect with our team, or share a screen recording here, and we'll be happy to help!