Scrolling Panels Nightmare

Dec 30, 2016

I've been incorporating scrolling panels in Storyline for a few years.  I find them to be incredibly vexing.  I find that even if the object I wish to insert into the panel is obviously narrower than the panel, it often won't display the 3 sets of dotted lines extending beyond the space which indicate that it's successfully dropped.  I'll try 10-20 times - just doesn't work.  I then delete all of it, start over and it works - sometimes.  What are others doing to make this work?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hey Pete,

Sorry that you've run into such difficulty with this. You mentioned aligning dropped objects and I wasn't clear if you were looking to include a drag and drop within a scrolling panel or just dropping the items into the scrolling panel (call it post holiday fog still!). I haven't run into any difficulty this AM trying to recreate the behavior of dropping an object within the scrolling panel in general. I can see the alignment line to the left or right to match up with the outside of the scrolling panel and I could also use the options within the Format tab for the shape to "Align" it. 

If you're able to capture a little screen recording of the behavior, that would be really helpful so that I could look at recreating it! 

Brian  Steers

I've also used scrolling panels in Storyline 2 and had great success. The project I've been doing is taking jpg's of pages from a paper workbook (all 8.5x11) and dropping them into a scrolling panel that's sized the same as the project slides. I size the image to the width of the panel so the user has to scroll to the bottom of the page.

I sometimes add other images or text boxes on top of the original jpg and these will move with the image when scrolling.

All of this works without issue in Storyline 2

In 360 when I try to scroll the image in the slide view it won't scroll the image it simply moves the image position... and the position of anything I've placed on top. After that I can't scroll anymore as the scroll handle has nowhere to go anymore.

It will preview fine if I don't try to scroll in slide view. If I move it in slide view then the preview won't scroll either..

It's hard to explain so I've attached the same project created in 2 and 360

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Brian, thanks for including those files here! I opened both of them, and I'm not seeing an issue with the scrolling panel in Slide View of the SL360 version. Here's a Peek recording of what I saw on my end. 

On January 26, we released an update for SL360 that included this fix: Fixed issue where the scroll bar in a scrolling panel would sometimes disappear while scrolling in the Storyline editor. Can you confirm that you're on the latest update for Storyline 360?

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