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Oct 15, 2013


I'm trying to fill a scrolling panel with content from a course variable (a text entry field).  The amount of text that users will enter in my source variable can't be predicted - it could be two words or several lines of text. 

What I'd like to do is put a text box into my scrolling panel, display my variable in the text box, and then if the stored variable is long, scroll through the text.  What happens instead is that I get a tiny image of the text stored to my variable.  

Is there a better way to accomplish this?  I've created a 'Notes' layer on each slide, and would like to store each slide's successive notes in this layer as users scroll through the course.  If there is a new user-entry notes functionality I don't know about that would solve my problem!


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cillista slider

Hi, I'm having this same problem and i've looked through all these similar posts where people have responded with solutions and they haven't worked for me! I opened the file Seth posted but it still shrunk the variable text on my computer. Slide 1.4 in my file gives a text box space to enter as much text as they want. The next layer has a text box with the corresponding variable to display that saved text. And it sits within a scrolling pane so that no matter how much text they enter on the base layer, it should scroll through it rather than shrink it. Yet it still shrinks it no matter how many times i change the setting to not auto fit etc. Can someone review this for me please?

cillista slider

Hi, yes I did eventually do that yesterday afternoon. However it's more a work-around than an actual solution. If it's not predictable how much text someone may enter on a question, you can only make the text box as big as you can and hope for the best... Whereas, if the text box within the scrolling pane were able to resize according to the text inputted from what is saved in the variable, that would be ideal. Then the guesswork is taken out, but I assume there isn't intuitive enough code in existence for this?


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