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Jan 22, 2014

Hi, I am trying to get a handle on a few items with the Seekbar and Navigation buttons.

It's true that there is no way to have the seekbar but disallow users from dragging to the end of a page?

Pause must be tied to the seekbar?

Is there a way to have the seekbar on some pages but not others?

In a multiple choice quiz slideĀ for example, when an incorrect answer is selected, the seekbar restarts eventhough there is no audio associated with feedback, can that be turned off?

Without creating a custom button, on a page that requires x number of button clicks is there a way to inform the user that the next button is not available (ie a lighter state for the button), or a pop up warning that prompts users what to do (click all buttons before moving on)?

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Harri S

Hi there,

Just to chip in.... on the seekbar on quizzes matter. Often the slide layer that the feedback is on is automatically set to 'allow seeking' which switches on the seekbar. To disable this go to the slide layer properties (little cog like icon bottom right of screen in the layers panel) and disable seeking.

and Mike, if you want a seekbar on some slides and not others look in the slide properties (little cog like symbol on the base layer in layer panel) and set the player features. You can also use this to remove prev/next buttons from certain slides too.

Hope this helps

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