Seekbar present on slides but when viewed with iphone in landscape it's gone

Mar 28, 2019

Hello there, community peeps. I have created a SL360 "course" and have added a seek-bar to any slides with voice-over audio. In Review 360 all seems to work fine. When published and posted to Articulate tempshare, and played back as a laptop course - all fine. However, play back from the articulate tempshare URL with an iPhone, in Landscape orientation I do NOT have a seek-bar. Instead I have a circular progress indicator top right of the right hand nav-bar which can be stopped (paused) started, and has a circular progress indicator. (See attached png.) Funnily enough If I have the iPhone in vertical orientation yes there is a seek-bar along the bottom. 

I want the seek-bar, and the ability to scrub (I know some folks don't like this but I want it for this project) so why is iPhone landscape forcing me NOT to have the scrub-able seek-bar? Is there a way of changing this behaviour?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Brian!

When you're viewing a course on a mobile device in landscape mode, the responsive player moves to the right side of the screen. As the slide plays, you’ll see a circular indicator travelling around the play/pause button. You can’t scrub back and forth along the seekbar in landscape mode, but the circular indicator lets you see how much time has elapsed and how much remains.

It sounds like you'd prefer to have an interactive seekbar, similar to what you see when the device is in portrait mode. We always appreciate hearing ideas and feedback from the community, so I'll definitely share your thoughts with my team! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Candance,

Thanks for checking in on this one - it's not yet bubbled up to the top of our roadmap, but we're still listening to the feedback!  Here's a bit more about how we work to prioritize feature requests and how items are added to the roadmap. 

We'll keep you and others posted here as soon as we have more to share. 

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