Selectable text in a text entry field

Hi, Im not sure if this has been posted and answered but i cant seem to find a solution so any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated, thanks. 

Once the user has inputted some text into a 'text entry field' Is there anyway that the user can then, select all that text and delete it. I know you can click back into the entry field to amend it but you have to manually delete what you have written already. ideally I would like them to be able to select the text they have written already and just hot delete to remove it. I know its a standard feature on a text entry field in captivate so it boggles my mind why its not available out of the box in Storyline. Thanks in advance for any help or pointers 

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Phil,

A bit of a workround, but what you can do is to click at the left hand end of your text entry box (this should then place the cursor at the beginning of the text that was entered), click Shift + End (this highlights all the text inside the text entry box) and then click Delete.

Hope this helps.

Phil Sanders

Hi Ned,

Thanks so much for replying, I have tried the above solution which does the trick with using 'shift' and either 'home' or 'end' or the 'cursor' keys to select the text but ideally i wanted to have the user select the text by using the mouse to click and select the text.

To me it seems more intuitive from a functionality point of view so in the mean time I'll keep on looking online but thanks for the response. Appreciate it.