Selected State not staying selected

Feb 06, 2018

Hi: I used a retangle to create a shadow with outline for Selected and a shadow with no outline for the hover state. Hover works perfectly, but when I click on the selected state in preview, it shows the state for a second and it quickly disappears. I'd like the selected state to stay selected. Ideas? Thanks! Debbie

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Debbie

Hover and Selected are built in states and SL knows automatically what to do when a user hovers and when a user clicks - you don't need any of the triggers you have set and in most cases using these triggers will cause issues - delete them all and re-test. If still not working let me know.

Also you have the normal state of the rectangle set to no fill - change that to a solid fill with 100% transparency as with no fill the user can't hover or click.

Your updated file is attached - hope that helps

Debbie Kelley

Thanks Wendy! You can tell I'm self-taught in Storyline. We are so close to having this work.

Now, when I click on the first item it takes the selected state, but when I click on the second item, the the first item remains selected. Do I need to add a trigger to have the first item return to normal state when another item is selected?

Michelle Jacobs

Hi Wendy,

I'm having a similar problem with states of a star object I've created that just has 'Normal' 'Hovered' and a 'Clicked'. Once a star is clicked on with the mouse it changes to my 'Clicked' state and then goes back to 'Normal' straight away.

Any help would be very much appreciated. I've attached the file.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Michelle

try this.  SL has a built in state called Hover - so I duplicated your 'hovered' state and created a Hover state and deleted your custom state.  With this built in hover state you don't need a trigger so I deleted the 'hovered' trigger.

See this peek if this is what you are after.  The star changes to hover when I move the mouse over it and then changes to clicked when the popup displays. I also hid the instruction box and begin button on the psychological layer so they don't show through.

Hope this helps

Updated file attached - I only worked on the psychological object and layer.

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