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Jul 16, 2013

The art department has created pictures that are to be used for the Normal and Hover states of buttons in a rather complicated learning module. The Normal state is a color image with a shadow and the Hover state is black and white without a shadow. I cannot figure out how to change the Hover state using images. The interface will not let me paste or select the 2nd image to make the new state. Please help.

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lilian marshall

I found a solution and I hope this helps others with the same query: Instead of trying to swap in the new image for the hover state, I simply hid the original image on Hover by taking the transparency down to 100%. The real Hover image is revealed below, while the original image is active and click-able above it - but invisible.

Daniel Brigham

Got to love it when the art department gets involved late in the game.

You can change the hover state by selecting "edit states" and then select the "hover" state. With the hover state selected, you should be able to insert an image and then move it to the back or front (see upper right of player for this). Is that what you are wanting to do? Let me know. --Daniel

lilian marshall

That is exactly what I wanted to do, but for whatever reason I could not get a new image into the hover, selected or any other new state. I just tried it again and neither paste nor drag selection works. But what did was to hide the "normal" image on hover so that the real hover image could show through underneath.

Antony Snow

Hi Lillian and Daniel

Assuming that the 2 images from the art department are saved on your machince, you should be able to use the 'change picture' option when creating the hover state. Starting from the beginning:

  • Insert the normal state image
  • Click on it and select "edit states" followed by "Duplicate State"
  • Choose 'hover' from the list of built-in states 
  • With the new hover state selected, click on the image on the slide, right-click, select 'Change Picture', navigate to and select the 'hover' state picture


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