Restore On Mouse Leave Issue

Jun 18, 2012

Let's see if I can articulate (ha! a pun!) this well.

I have an image that starts in the Normal state, but when hovered over is triggered to the Hover state. When a user hovers over the image it goes form Normal to Hover and then back to Normal when it is no longer being hovered over.

However, when the image is clicked it changes to Visited. The problem is, if the user hovers over the image after it has been clicked, it goes from Visited, to Hover, then back to Normal instead of Visited.

I have the "restore on mouse leave" option checked in the trigger window, but it appears that the trigger is restoring it back to the Normal state instead of the state the image was in prior to the hover.

Any ideas on how to get the image to revert back to it's previous state rather than the default?

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