Selective Resume or Redirect on Resume

Hi, I have a tutorial with custom questions oganized into two sections and hosted on Moodle. Learners need to pass section 1 before being allowed to advance to section 2. When they fail section 1, a feedback screne is displayed that shows their (fail) score and a button to exit the course. Resuming the course would bring them back to this dead end screen.

Does anyone know of a way to somehow redirect to the main menu or restart, rather than resume in this case?

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David Anderson

Hey Michael - 

Out of the box, what you're trying isn't possible in the current version of Storyline.

What I'd do is add your custom Restart button back into the course. You can rename it to anything if you don't like Restart. You can then use a variable to limit the number of attempts for the scenario. See this tutorial:

You can then use custom states to provide custom messages based on first and second chances.

Hope that helps.