Selling courses which can be uploaded to a VLE

Jan 16, 2015


I am thinking of creating a range of courses with Storyline and I'm wanting to sell them to businesses so that they can be uploaded to their own VLE. This would enable their staff to take the courses by accessing their own VLE rather than me having to host the courses on my own website.

Just wondering if anyone has done this and what is the best way to supply the finished courses? Would it just be a simple matter of supplying a download link or would they have to be placed on a portable device to enable businesses to upload them to their own VLE? There will be quite a lot of courses so just trying to work out the best possible path to take.

Also, is it relatively easy for business to upload Storyline courses to their own VLE?

Any advice appreciated!


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David Tait

I agree with Matthew that there are many undesirable results to be had from giving your content to a third party.

If the customer has complete control over the content you won't know for sure how many users are viewing the content or for how long. Both of which are important factors when deciding what you're going to charge them to license the content. Also, if the customer decides not to pay they have the content and you won't be able to do much about it.

These are the thoughts of a cynic but it's definitely worth working out how you would deal with such a situation.

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