Sending data entry text to teacher or LMS

Sorry if this question has been asked before.

I have set up a learning module that is a pre-requisite for a face to face workshop and have included 2 or 3 interactive activities using the insert data entry field. Two of the activities the user types in their response and then is able to compare with the 'expert' response.  However I have also included an activity where the user types in their suggestion (using the data entry field) on how to handle a scenario situation.  Can I set up a variable that then sends this suggestion to an email (eg the teachers email) or the LMS. The teacher will then have a list of suggestions to cover in the face to face workshop.

OR would it be better to set this up as a quiz, using the short answer feature...but is the short answer recorded anywhere (LMS) for the teacher to access after submission.  I have only used the true/false, multiple choice, multiple answer in quizmaker/storyline.

thanks Kate

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Gerry Wasiluk


The sending by e-mail is no longer supported, as differences in browsers and security makes that difficult.

The LMS is usually a good option using a quiz question.  The bigger question is does the LMS let you view that data easily, either through the LMS itself or via a report.  depending on the LMS, it might and it might not.

CJ Heuer

My opinion this is the only draw back of Articulate Store is that you need a third part solution to display your results and if you do not have the money you will have bad reports. My opinion is that the system can have the best bells-and-Wiesel but lack proper feedback, it's just a another dressed up program.