Sending variables to a PDF

Aug 09, 2012

The course I'm developing has a series of multiple choice survey questions which the user completes. A slide at the end of the survey is populated with individual feedback relevant to each of the user's responses to the survey questions, which they can then print off as their 'personalized plan'. I was able to get this to work using variables, not using the 'survey' function in Storyline. 

However, the final slide is very full now, as it contains feedback for all 10 questions on the one slide. So my question is - Is it possible to send the variables from the survey questions to a PDF instead of to a new slide, in order to allow more room for content (i.e. an A4 page)? I know Lectora software can do this.

If not, is there any way to replicate this functionality in Articulate Storyline, such as change the dimensions of one slide to be closer to A4? Or some other workaround?

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Gerry Wasiluk


Well, for one, you can change the size of your course to anything you want:  - but not an individual slide--unless you have a web object that appears in a new window by itself.

As for your variable to PDF question, that's beyond me.

Kuriko A

Thanks for the tip, Gerry, but I'm not keen on making all slides A4 size. I realise that Lectora does not actually send variables to PDF as I thought. But it can send variables to a html page which can then be printed. I worked out that Articulate can do the same thing, so all is well now.  Thank you for your help.

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