Sending Written Comments To Email

Hello all!

I have seen similar posts regarding this but my requirements are slightly different. I want my users to be able to send their writing (5000 text box field) to their teacher. I presume this can be achieved using Java Script. I don't want to predefine the 'send to' email, as different users will want to send their work to different teachers. If I could chuck the lesson score in the same email, that would be even better. 

Does anybody have a solution for this please?  

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Bruce Holliday


You won't need students to input the teachers email. The form is shown to the student as a webobject they submit their text and that's it. The submitted information is automatically loaded into a google spreadsheet that is associated with the form.  All you do is share the spreadsheet with the teacher(s). Teachers can view or download the spreadsheet for their own needs.

I hope that makes more sense.

Aaron Leary

Hi all,

I've managed to send the lesson's notes to a new email window where the user inputs the teacher's email. Does anybody know of a way to include the lesson percentage score and the time it took to complete the lesson? If I can do this, my problems are solved!

Bruce, I considered your Google forms suggestion. Am I correct in thinking that this approach would require me to forward on the data to teachers?

Bruce Holliday

Hi Aaron,
This was a problem for me a week ago, until I got a bit of help from Satish who provided a working solution. Time start, time end, time on task, link to thread. link to thread

The question on score percent is answered Im sure elsewhere and shouldn't be too difficult to do.

As for google forms; teachers would be able to view the spreadsheet data directly, it can be downloaded and filtered to their needs. You share permissions as needed. I will look into this to see if it can be made efficient / automated. Might be worth explaining what it is you are trying to do so I have all the details.

Bruce Holliday

Hi Aaron,

Here's a solution for you.

The scenario is as follows:
Students fill in a form which includes their tutor email address.
The data is collected in google sheets.
The reason for the tutor email is so that the data can be filtered for that tutor.

The question is
Can the filtering happen automatically to either alert the tutor or send them an email.

You can use a useful little Google Add On called "Yet Another Mail Merge" from the Google sheet where the form data is collected.

This has functionality to email an address that has been submitted on the form on form submit. This is quite adequate if you just want a notification email for each form submitted and you can include fields in the draft email that pulls additional data from the form if you wish.

Alternatively you can use a different Add on called "AutoCrat" which can create an attachment in either Google Doc or PDF format to attach to an email on form submit.