Sequencing of Slides in Preview Mode

Jun 19, 2013

Hello, Storyline Team!

I have a bug that is driving me buggy.  Wait-- that's redundant.

Anyway, I have a 44-slide scene that should end on a "further action" slide with a button "Return to the Main Menu." Preceding that slide is slide 42, the last question of a quiz (that is spread throughout the scene) and slide 43, the quiz results slide, with the "Next" button turned on and leading to slide 44.

When I created this program originally, I had the slide 44 in the 42nd slot, and 42/43 in the 43/44 slot.

In Story view, I drug the old 42 slide down to the 44 slot and reprogrammed the last three slides to advance with click to the specific slide, not just "next slide."

But when I preview the scene, my original order of slides shows and plays. I cannot get the new order to show up in preview mode.

Any ideas?  Thanks in advance!

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