serious problem need help urgent

Really I have a big problem . I have a lot of work to design, but I can't do it because every time I try to open storyline ,I have a message that I have to install flash player 10 or higher for internet explorer although flash player 16 is already installed on my computer. Although I installed flash player again, I have the same  message and I can't run storyline. I re-installed storyline many times but in vain . By the way I had this problem only when I installed storyline 2 trial version and it expired .I'm waiting for your help. Really I'm in a serious problem.

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Wendy Farmer

Did you have the full version of Storyline 1?  If so, you will have a SL1 license and can continue to download new updates for SL1 for free - and you will need to be on SL1 update 8 to address the Flash issue.

If you downloaded a trial version of Storyline 2 it is a totally NEW product and you have to purchase a SL2 license.  Once you do that, the updates to SL2 will be free.  The latest update of SL2 is update 4 which addresses the Flash issue.

Perhaps you should contact Articulate with your query.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Rania!

In addition to the information that Wendy is sharing, (assuming you did the correct update and the above does not apply) all users have to re-activate when an update is completed. 

If you have trouble with this, or get an error that you've maxed out your activation, then support can assist you :)