Set a variable when ANY object is dropped on a drop zone


I am having problems setting a variable. I would like the variable to be set when any object is dropped on a receiving drop zone - not just a specific object. I have tried to leave the object as "unassigned" but this does not seem to work and the trigger disappears.

If this is not available, I will have to write a trigger for each object and when you have many objects, the work is both considerable and confusing because of the mass of triggers required.



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Zach Van Stone

Sad to see that it's not a feature yet. It's already tedious enough that you can't have multiple drop targets in the preset for D&D and have to manually set up the drop interaction using triggers.

Now imagine you have an activity that has no right or wrong answers  and 20 images to drop into 6 hot spots representing 6 different categories... buuut the tiling feature doesn't work as anticipated and the images are overlapping. Search the community to find that now you have to break each of those 6 hot spots into a grid of 9 each to keep the pictures from overlapping. Finally get it to work and now you need audio to play as an object is dragged into the category. Should be simple enough.

Buuut because you can't choose a checklist of objects to be dropped on the hotspots, you have to create a trigger and duplicate it for all 20 images. That wouldn't be the worst work-around, except I'd have to do it all again. 5 more times. Since this feature isn't an option something that could easily be 6 triggers turns into 120. Hopefully it doesn't bug out with all those triggers (that's usually what happens). 


In the Trigger Wizard for "When: Object dropped on", the checkbox function to choose multiple objects should be added to the "Object" section, not just on the "Dropped On". It would greatly reduce the number of triggers and overall increase the user's experience.


Le Gouje