Set date to run module in between the dates

Dec 07, 2017


I want to set the start date, end date, and current date variable in my module and if the user runs the module after the end date, it will not work.

I need a code to run my module in between the start date and end date.

Can someone help me?

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Apoorv Jain

Hello David,

Thanks for your positive reply. I tried this thread and I was stuck in 1 place. let me elaborate.

I have created a module where I used a true/false variable. I also used a javascript code to set the expiry date of the module.

Now I want, if the value of my variable is true then show layer 1.

here I am sharing my .story file please have a look let me know.

Apoorv Jain

Hello David,

I thought I'd reach out and see if you can help me once again. I've built a course in storyline 360.I've been working on a project and I am facing one more problem.

I have to make my module complete viewable only for the fixed time.

let me elaborate - I want my user to view the current module only 5 times and after the 5th attempt. it will show that your module is expired.

Can you please help me to come out of the above issue and share sample with me, like you did in the previous message? You can use the same sample.story file.



David Tait

Hi Apoorv,

I think this is beyond the capabilities of Storyline, although I'd be keen to know if anyone has a solution.

The problems I found when I tried to get this working all resolve around what happens when the user returns to the course and what we need to do with the 'Resume' settings.

I based my test on adding a value of 1 to a variable called 'Views' each time the user landed on your initial page, the plan being to expire the course once the user has viewed the course five times. However, assuming the course has more than one page, and knowing that we need them to resume (rather than start at the beginning) in order to retain the value of the Views variable, they might not always land on your initial page (the one with all the triggers).

I considered duplicating the triggers on all slides but in this case the Views variable would reach its limit based on slide views and not on the number of times a user launched your course.

In my mind you're going to need to either stick with your expiry-by-date solution, or look for a way of handling this when you deploy the course.

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